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Man Livestreamed Boulder Grocery Store Shooting: Graphic Video

A Colorado man by the name of Dean Schiller managed to Livestream the active shooting scene at King Soopers grocery store on Monday, causing mixed emotions among some. I for one am not a fan of someone racing into danger to stream something as horrific as this, but then some need to see it to believe the atrocities that have happened.

Schiller’s video had 571,562 views as of 6 a.m. as of yesterday morning.

Let me warn you now that viewer discretion is advised.

Many people who watched this video were appalled by Schiller’s actions.

One user called DiscoBiscuits 42 said, “dude said his friend was inside trying to call him, and he ignored the call to video the scene? what a great friend”

While another user named Lucas T echoed the same sentiment, “His friend was calling him from inside the store and he ignored it to get greedy video. What a great person….🙄”

However, it was one comment that truly summed up the entire thing perfectly.

LUNAENTERTAINMENTGROUP DON YOUNT said “We live in a society of voyeurism with our cell phones and social media accounts. We’ve become detached from the reality of our surroundings. 1st thing he should have done was call 911 himself and then if able to do so render aid to the victims. We live in a society where clout is more important. Prayers to the affected families and deceased. RIP”

What do you think?

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