Man Shot and KILLED by Portland rioter, watch as ‘Mostly Peaceful’ ‘protesters’ CELEBRATE in the street

Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters in Portland have committed a murder. And they are celebrating.


It all started in daylight. Even the New York Times was on the scene. A pro-America, pro-Trump, anti-riot caravan came through Portland, giving voice and presence to the majority of Americans who have had ENOUGH of this S***.

Hundreds of supporters strong, they came through in pick-up trucks and cars, with banners, signs and flags. It was a mostly peaceful protest, but there were repeated clashes with the entrenched forces of the lawless occupiers from Antifa and BLM.

At 8:45 pm, there was gunfire, and someone on the Right side of the protests was killed.

Actually the suspected shooter turned out to be a white male.

Obviously, but not yet admitted to by police, the shots were fired by someone from the Left side.

And they were thrilled.

CNN doesn’t care.


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