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Man Turns Down an Offer of $50,000 For a Pair of Jeans

Can you imagine anyone willing to pay 50k for an old pair of jeans?  Well, it happens more than you think, especially when we are talking about Levis, the company that invented the clothing for farmers and miners.  Did you know that the invention of the popular pants was accidental?  Levi Strauss was a clothier and the large inventory of clothes he was bringing with him to California was ruined when water seeped into the cargo hold and all was lost except some canvass.


In order to set up a store, he needed a bank loan and he had no good clothes to wear to his meeting with the banker, so he made a pair of pants using the canvass and he wanted pockets and he added a single pocket using rivets which would later be used on all of the older jeans.  The banker turned him down but some miners saw his pants and a large number ordered Strauss to make jeans for them.  And the rest is history.

 An Arizona man may be wealthier after stumbling upon a pair of vintage Levi’s Jeans that date back to the 1800’s.

According to, Jock Taylor discovered the rare find in an old family trunk that hadn’t been opened in decades. The pair could be worth thousands of dollars. Any denim that dates before the 1900’s is considered an extreme rarity by collectors.

After finding the vintage jeans, Taylor took his finding to a local appraisal show. The appraiser noticed that the leather Levi’s tag and the rivets of the jeans were exposed — features that predated 1937. The auctioneer was also able to identify some suspender buttons, which date before 1922. However, the key detail was the single back pocket, a design that predated 1901.

According to auctioneer Daniel Soules, private buyers will spend a pretty penny to get their hands on vintage jeans.

“The last pair of blue jeans that sold from the 1880’s, it’s my understanding, were purchased by Levi’s for six figures,” Soules said.

Taylor’s jeans are not as old as the pair found from the 1880’s, but his are in much better condition. Even with jeans in great condition, the jeans might be too large to interest private buyers. The 44″x 37″ size will likely devalue potential offers.

Levi’s have offered $50,000 for the historic find. Taylor said that not taking the offer is a risk, but thinks it may be worth it.

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