• September 24, 2022

Man Who Lead Fight Against NC Bathroom Bill Has a Secret


The man who lead the fight against the NC bathroom reform bill has a secret that has many saying, “I told you so.”  Chad Sevearance is president of the Charlotte Business Guild, a group of LBGT groups , who lead the fight to keep perverts out of women’s bathrooms across the state, is a registered sex offender.  Is it any wonder he would fight for a bill that would prevent full grown men from sharing the bathroom with women and very young girls?  The Charlotte Business Guild leader Sevearance claimed that because the nondiscrimination bill  did not pass, “someone can ask me to leave a restaurant because I’m presumed to be gay or transgender.”

What if you are a sexual predator?  In 1998, Sevearance worked as a youth minister.  He would lure young young men to spend the night.  He would show them pornography and try to persuade them to have sex.  One boy testified at his trial that he woke up to find Sevearance fondling his genitals.  He was convicted of one charge of  sexual molestation of a minor.  He is now obligated to register as a sexual predator every year and to warn his neighbors that a sexual deviant is living in their midst.

From Breitbart News:

A reporter with the Charlotte Observer confirmed for Breitbart News that the Chad Sevearance they frequently quote is the same man who was convicted for sexual assault of a minor in 2000.

Repeated calls to the Charlotte Business Guild went unanswered.

Both the webpage and the Facebook page of Severance’s group have been disabled.


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