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Man Who Predicted Trump Would Be President Makes Another Stunning Prediction

The first year of President Trump serving the American people has been nothing short of extraordinary. America’s enemies once again fear us, trade partners like China respect us, and for the first time in history, the Dow Jones industrial average closed above 26,000. American taxpayers have seen paycheck bonuses from their employers as a result of President Trump’s tax policy, and President Trump very effectively brought about the end to the shutdown recently caused by Democrats and their demands for illegal aliens.


No doubt, America is on the way to being great again, but America’s good fortune and the election of President Trump was foretold by a Florida man, Mark Taylor, who predicted in 2011 that Trump would become President of the United States. Mr. Taylor’s initial predictions came to him after he saw President Trump who was just a private citizen at the time in an April 2011 interview. He then shared his predictions with New York Times best-selling author Mary Colbert, who in turn shared these predictions with notable American Christian leaders.

Speaking of his prophecy that Donald Trump would become President Trump, Mr. Taylor said, “I didn’t know a lot about Donald, I just knew that he was a very powerful businessman, built this empire, and he was toying with the idea of running for president at the time. Most people thought it was a joke so I’m listening to him on an interview and all of the sudden I hear the voice of the Lord say, ‘You’re hearing the voice of a president.’”

Known as the “fireman prophet”, Mr. Taylor, claims that the voice of the Lord speaks to him, and he went on to describe how the relationship between Israel and the United States would be strengthened because of President Trump, and that Americans from all walks of life would benefit from a positive financial windfall our economy has never seen, saying, “He was saying basically that America was going to prosper like never before. Israel and America, the ties between the two countries would be stronger than ever before. The dollar would be the strongest it’s ever been, it was very detailed as far as what God was showing me.”

When questioned about his prophecies, the “fireman prophet” said that God had chosen President Trump to defend Christians as well as the unborn in an effort to redirect America back on a proper Judeo-Christian path saying, “The enemy’s timeline has been denied by the Most-High God and it’s through Donald Trump a lot of this is being denied right now, and what God is saying right now is ‘No, it’s not time right now because there are many things that God wants to accomplish on the earth right now.’”

Now Mr. Taylor has predicted the mainstream media will eventually be on President Trump’s side, and will for the most part cease their infantile attacks on the commander in chief. This part of the prophecy seems to be highly unlikely considering the constant and coordinated effort between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the mainstream media to bring down President Trump. However, with the recent revelation there is a memo which may prove the DOJ and the FBI along with the Obama administration violated FISA laws and spied on then candidate Trump and his campaign, this could perhaps cause the mainstream media to swing in President Trump’s favor.

Touching on how dishonest the mainstream media is now, Mr. Taylor said that God is going to clean house, and Americans are going to see a new breed of media organizations which focus on the truth and not tabloid antics to fit their leftist and anti-Christian agenda. Will this happen? Perhaps it will. President Trump has and continues to defy the odds so anything is possible.

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