Man With Toddler Strapped In Car Seat Robs Woman After Having Sex [VIDEO]



A man of Florida, was arrested after robbing a family a few hours after having sex with a woman who lives there.

Kareem Jamel Mutcherson, 23, is accused of committing the burglary while leaving a 3-year-old child in his car.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said that deputies were called to Silver Lane in Ocala, after five people inside a house said that a shirtless man covered in tattoos and with a bandana over his face robbed them at gunpoint.

However, according to police, the suspect did not choose the house at random.

Mutcherson met a woman who lived at that house on the dating site Plenty of Fish. He came to the home to have sex with the woman and left.

He returned at 1:00 a.m., with a gun and ordered the woman to unplug the electronics so he can take them. The victim screamed in order to get the attention from the sleeping family.

Three adults and a child came out of their bedrooms. The suspect is accused of pistol whipping the 70-year-old homeowner and pointed the gun on his daughter before fleeing.

Mutcherson escaped with an Xbox, Wii, PlayStation 3 and video games.

Deputies who were on their way to the house made a traffic stop on a vehicle because its front headlight was out, according to the affidavit.

Deputies said that during the traffic stop, they discovered that the driver matched the thief’s description, and an Xbox matching the stolen items was visible in the back seat of the car. The Sheriff’s Office said a 3-year-old boy was in the vehicle.

Mutcherson denied committing the robbery, but two of the victims positively identified him as the thief.

The child in the car was released to family members, while Mutcherson was arrested on charges of robbery-home invasion with a firearm, aggravated battery on a person 65 years or older, possession of marijuana and driving while license suspended or revoked.

A family member said that the woman who had sex with Mutcherson, dated her brother for years and they have a child together.

Even though they are no longer in a relationship, the family allowed her to stay for the sake of the child.


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