Marco Rubio Takes in $100,000 of Taxpayer Money for Doing Nothing



People who live in glass houses……  Marco Rubio has pretty much made himself a cartoon in the race for the White House.  Today, he made fun of Trump’s spelling.  What’s more pathetic?  Being a poor speller or getting you arse kicked by a poor speller.  Someone in the Trump camp should bring up a committee Rubio gets $100,000 a year for his office for doing nothing.  He is the co-chair of the bipartisan Senate National Security Working Group.  His office receives $100,000 a year out of the total budget of $700,000.

In the world of Washington, 700k sounds like chump change, but let’s see what we get for that money.  Rubio is in his third year on the committee.  During that time, they have not held a single meeting, filed a single report or even disclose where the money went.  Now, I realize that any work done for the committee would be top secret.  (That is if they did any work) But how they spent the money wouldn’t be.

Rubio campaign spokesman Alex Burgos offers no explanation where the money went but did opine about what the committee does:

“Since Marco assumed his role in this group, its leaders have met both formally and informally on national security issues, with most of the work occurring on a staff level.  Marco has engaged on a variety of topics central to the work of this group, including U.S.-Russia arms control, the nuclear deal with Iran and North Korea. His work on these vital national security topics has been aided by the resources provided by this group as well as the information he has obtained from the group’s discussions.”
Both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz tried to get the committee disbanded since they were not doing anything anyway.  Rubio voted against it, naturally.  He said:

“It is vital to our country’s defense and foreign policy objectives that the Senate consider the wide range of issues that cut across different committees to advance America’s interests around the world.  I look forward to working with Senator Feinstein to foster a productive working environment within the NSWG that that allows Senators to confront the many national security challenges facing our country.”

I expect he would do the same as president, but we’ll never know because he isn’t even within shouting distance from Trump.  Trump leads Rubio in his home state of Florida by 20 points.


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