MASSIVE BRAWLS in Portland as right and left go to WAR with bats, pepper spray, MACE, shields, armor, FIREWORKS, batons, & more…

In downtown Portland on Saturday, two right-wing rallies were met by “counterprotesters” of the left, and the scene went from tense to all-out


Rfree-for-all in short order.

Oregon Live reports that “Far-right” groups under the header of “saying no to Marxism” arranged to gather at Terry Schrunk Plaza on Saturday, and the news was out, “drawing multiple plans for counter-protests from left-wing and anti-fascist groups.”

A separate event titled the “Mother of All Back The Blue Rallies” was set for noon at the city’s Justice Center.

Before 1 in the afternoon (4 pm Eastern),” hundreds of people filled the park, streets and sidewalks representing both sides, and throughout the morning and early afternoon, both sides fairly equally used a variety of weapons and tossed numerous objects at each other,” Oregon Live reported.

“After about an hour of the increasingly tense standoff, no police were present on the scene.”

And hell broke loose. The Oregonian has some of the dramatic footage.


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