MASSIVE Cubans For Trump caravan takes place in Miami, but almost NO media attention

UPDATE: The group Cubans4Trump has told TRS that they are the ones who organized the Trump caravan yesterday. They note the group Latinos for Trump coordinated with them in Orlando only. The Caravans were held in Cocoa Beach, Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville.


Hundreds of cars decked out with Trump flags and American flags are rolling through Miami as part of the HUGE ‘Cubans for Trump’ caravan. So where’s the press?

The show got underway over an hour ago, and participants noted that the gigantic show of support was getting zero interest from the press.




It’s a big rally, and not only is Florida critical to the election, but the shift in the Hispanic vote toward Trump is also both confounding and terrifying Democrats. SURELY that should warrant media attention.




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