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Maxine Waters Suffers Major Brain Fart During Rant on Korea [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters suffered a major brain fart as she ranted about North Korea and how President Trump refused to bend over and kiss Yong-Un’s ass like Obama always did.  The democrats have been using her as the schnauzer that nips at the president’s heels barking for impeachment and then denying it.  There are people who claim that when she was a young child, the nanny dropped her on her head.  That’s a lie.  Her family was poor and her mama had to do it herself.


 Maxine Waters, the quarter-century member of Congress who has new-found stardom as an attack dog for the left, suffered a brain freeze during an interview today when she was ranting about Donald Trump’s handling of the North Korea threat.

Speaking with Yahoo News, Waters was talking about China’s role in containing North Korea, and momentarily appeared confused about what she was discussing.

“Those in China have a great trading relationship, they sell an awful lot of stuff to North Korea,” she said.

“And so (the Chinese) president is warning Trump, ‘okay, don’t start talking about preemptive strikes. We want a diplomatic solution,’” Waters said, speculating about China’s conversations with Trump.

The 78-year-old continued, “‘We do not want war in, uh, uh, uh, North Korea — North, uh, um, um, Korea at all,’” struggling to complete her thought.

It’s not the first time Waters has been stymied by Korea.

Speaking to reporters with other House Democrats in February, Waters attempted to build the case for why Democrats “may” push for impeachment.

“And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.”

Wow, she is so smart. Apparently she is the only person in the world that knows Russia is making a move on Korea.

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