• June 20, 2024

Maywood,Il.Fire Fighters Disciplined and Relieved Of Duty Over Flag Decals

Only in America, can someone raise a fuss for whatever reason it could possibly be and demand the flag be removed. Because of pettiness the Stars and Stripes, decals, no less were ordered removed from helmets. It is more than a person can think, the symbol of the nation ordered removed . I would tend to  think of only the tiniest of exceptions would warrant , but at this moment none comes to mind, but then again it is Chicago.

According to Chicago.cbs.local:

Four Maywood firefighters have been relieved of duty for the day, and more could be disciplined Wednesday, for refusing to remove American flag decals from their helmets and lockers.The four firefighters said they were told that the order was issued because of racial discord on the department. The four, who include two white firefighters, a black firefighter, and a fourth firefighter who is a Cuban émigré, said no such problems exist.

Why is our nation’s flag under so much assault? Didn’t the President mention 8 years ago he would restore credibility and harmony throughout the country and the world? Look at the ground work he has laid, it truly sadens many a patriot. And as it is Chicago, the home town of Obama and his liberal cronies, it’s a wonder the flag flies at all. I am hoping these fire fighters prevail and are able to wear their decals with pride. I know I would. What do you think?


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