• June 24, 2024

GOP Establishment Voices Concerns Over Trump’s Polling Trends

Another day, another story of  how Donald Trump is not following the playbook of the “Grand Old Party”. The Good Ole’ Boys are concerned that congressional seats are at play, based on recent polling data; in their opinion, Trump seems to be hurting the party.

But can we believe polling data anymore? To me it is much like the news cycle, completely untrustworthy. In the past, we have been aware of media bias, but today, in this climate, trust is completely out the window. Blatant lies and constant misinformation have been hammering Mr.Trump with no shame shown by the Clinton supporting media.

According to Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell touched on the issue last week when he told a Louisville, Ky. civic group, “What we’re looking for here is a candidate who settles down and follows the script and makes the election about Hillary Clinton.”

But it’s not just tepid support from party elders frustrated with Trump’s lack of discipline that’s raising concern. It’s the Trump campaign’s poor grass roots organization, as well as Trump’s reliance on social media at the expense of paid TV ads. Swing states that he must win are not polling well in his favor. A Marist NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll late last week showed Trump behind Clinton by 5 percent in Florida, by 9 percent in North Carolina, by 13 percent in Virginia and by 14 percent in Colorado.


In the end, all of this is smoke and mirrors; it is a combined effort to continue the status quo of the establishment, parties all included. It doesn’t matter that the country is in complete disarray to them.

It is all about power and control by those in Washington D.C.. Right Mitch McConnell?  This hardly makes sense when Donald Trump continues to draw huge rallies, and Hillary has to pay people to attend. Hillary would have been indicted by now if not for Obama’s DOJ, and the list goes on.

There is much more evidence pointing to a Trump landslide, but the only thing  that is in the way is the corrupt media’s biased reporting. What do you think?

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