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MEDIA BLACKOUT: ISIS Has Been ‘100 Percent’ Defeated

Another major achievement for President Trump and of course, the mainstream media rather ignore it.


It has been reported that the Islamic State has been 100 percent defeated in Syria The White House has announced, championing the news.

The White House made the announcement of the defeat of the terrorist organization on Thursday, The Daily Mail reported.

All ISIS-held territory in Syria has been ‘100%’ eliminated, according to the White House.

Donald Trump was briefed about the development by acting defence secretary Patrick Shanahan, according to White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders.

The US President has been hinting at the victory for days. Ms Sanders showed reporters a map of Iraq and Syria that showed that the terror group no longer controlled any territory in the region.

Earlier it was reported that ISIS fanatics were hiding in caves in their final holdout in Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) battled ISIS militants holed up in Baghouz overnight, supported by coalition airstrikes.

The Kurdish-led SDF have been predicting imminent victory for days but while thousands of the terrorists have fled a few are still hiding in the Syrian village.

The jihadists were holed up in what appeared to be caves in a rocky shelf overlooking Baghouz, their final sliver of land along the Euphrates river.

They were also hiding in trenches as war planes carried out two raids against ISIS movements on Thursday night.

‘Our forces are trying to force them to surrender, but so far the clashes are continuing,’ the SDF’s Mustafa Bali said.

The SDF has been battling for weeks to defeat Islamic State at the Baghouz enclave in southeastern Syria at the Iraqi border.

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