The Reason Why CNN Won’t Cover Capitol Attack Is Just Sickening!

The mainstream media is always ready to pounce and blame any act of violence on a white supremacist, Trump supporter. These mental midgets have it all ready and cued up to start the non-stop reporting on how an angry white, conservative man went on a rampage, and that is what we were seeing yesterday.

After a man rammed his car into the Capitol barrier, the mainstream media was ready to start their blame game, but the truth has just came out and it ruins the left’s spin. As it turns out the man that rammed his car into the Capitol barrier is Noah Green, a 25 year-old man who also so happens to be a devout follower of the Nation of Islam.

Yikes, that doesn’t sound like a white suprmacist at all, does it?

“EXCLUSIVE: The man who rammed a car into Capitol Police, killing one, has been identified as Noah Green. Green was armed w/a large blade when he was shot dead. He identified as a follower of the black nationalist Nation of Islam movement,” tweeted journalist Andy Ngo. “FB has immediately deleted his profile,” he added.

“I only had seconds to look at Noah Green’s Facebook page before it was deleted. He was living in Norfolk, Va. From what I saw, many of his posts were of a religious (Islamic) nature. He appeared to be a deeply devout follower of the Nation of Islam & went by the name, “Noah X”” he added.

Ian Mies Cheong was able to screenshot some of Green’s posts. Many of them praised Louis Farrakhan:

Since the suspect does not fit the mainstream media narrative of “white MAGA terrorist”, Facebook has nuked his account:

On March 17th, Green posted this chilling Facebook status update:

Stay tuned to this developing story…


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