• June 26, 2022

Megyn Kelly’s Book Earns One Star Rating


Megyn Kelly tried to take advantage of he battle with Donald Trump to sell books, but from the looks of things, her book isn’t going over very well.  73% of the people who bought her book gave it a one star rating.  The people rating her book were brutal.  Here is her highest review:

“Ego At Work”:

“I want to be as fair as possible here. I think Megyn should have waited a few more years to write a book. To begin with the book is poorly written. Secondly, no matter how you feel towards her (love, like or hate) you can’t help but question why such a strong and educated woman would work for Ailes if he was sexually harassing her and others. I believe her but can not understand why she stayed. Also why her husband didn’t speak up. Regarding her problems with Trump it seems oddly opportunistic of Megyn to focus on events that are she said he said. This book, instead of being an interesting read is suffocating with Me, Me, Me! I’m afraid Megyn may be better suited to a talk show rather than serious news.“

Here are a few of the others:


The book can be bought for as little as 8 bucks now.

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