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Melania Trump Refiles $130 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Daily Mail

The liberal media has shown a psychotic hatred for President Trump to the point that they no longer care if it’s true or not.  But the Daily Mail could be forced to pay through the nose for that obsessive hatred.  Not even Trump’s 10 year old son is free from these Nazis and fascists.  Melania Trump has also been a victim but the hunted has become the hunted.



The Daily Mail published an article falsely claiming that the modeling agency Melania had worked for was really an escort service.  They later retracted the lie, but obviously Melania has decided to make an example of them and possibly put a little folding money in her purse.  Her husband recently took a huge pay decrease, don’t you know.  Melania originally filed her lawsuit in Maryland but that court threw the case out only because they lacked jurisdiction.  The new suit was filed on Feb 6th with the NY Supreme Court.


From The US Herald:

…the Daily Mail published a story outlining the former supermodel’s “very racy” past, including Trump’s former romantic relationships, her career in modeling and her immigration story. Pulling details from a magazine in Trump’s native Slovenia, the Daily Mail article claims the modeling agency Trump used to work for was actually an escort service.

The Daily Mail retracted the story after the filing, but it appears that the first lady will continuing pursuing the lawsuit.

Trump posted apologies and retractions from The Inquisitr and the Bipartisan Report after the original lawsuit.


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