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Melania’s Fashion Sense Conquers the World [SLIDESHOW]

Melania Trump took the world by storm this week in her first trip abroad with her husband, President Donald Trump.  Although many other wives were in attendance hardly anyone noticed as all eyes were on Melania.


 Melania Trump is about to return to the United States on Saturday following her first foreign trip as First Lady of the United States.

President Trump and his wife have visited five separate countries during the course of their inaugural foreign tour together this week, and Melania has been the talk of the trip at every turn. 

Not only has she represented our country with elegance and grace, but she is continuing to prove that she’s the most stylish and well-dressed first lady since Jackie Kennedy — and she may even have Jackie beat by now.

The first lady has been grabbing the attention of the country with every public appearance she’s made since the Trumps arrived at the White House. Now she has the attention of the entire world. 

After 8 years, Europe is finally proud (and jealous) of our First Lady.  She represented our country with looks and grace unparalleled since the days of Camelot and Jackie Kennedy.

Here are the outfits she wore on her 5 day trip:

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