• November 28, 2022

Mexican Cartel Beheads Two Rivals To Breed Fear on Tex/Mex Border [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

The Mexican cartel  Los Zetas beheaded two rivals and then released videos of the two killings in order to throw a scare into anyone who tries to interfere with them taking over the lucrative border trade.  The videos are so graphic they are not available to be seen at this time.  Perhaps they will edit the video to hide the offending scenes and release it, but we do have some stills taken from the video.

A video that was leaked to Breitbart Texas by our sources in Mexico this week shows the moment when two gunmen wearing masks stand behind a shirtless man and begin to interrogate him. The gunmen claim to be members of the Los Zetas and fire off a series of threats against other Los Zetas factions; including Cartel Del Noreste (CDN), Vieja Escuela Z, and others. You can see the entire video in the Darby-Ortiz LiveLeak Channel; warning–the content is extremely graphic in nature.

Roughly an hour after publication, LiveLeak removed the video despite having served as a reliable platform for those wishing to share graphic content strictly for non-journalistic purposes. Should any law enforcement or other officials wish to review the footage, feel free to contact Breitbart Texas.


From Breitbart:

Mandujano said he worked for Pancho Carreon, one of the leaders of the Vieja Escuela Z in the southern part of Tamaulipas. His group would receive help from the Gulf Cartel, Carteles Unidos, and others.

“This is a message from all of the Zetas in Ciudad Victoria,” one of the gunmen yells out. “To enter Tamaulipas and especially Ciudad Victoria, you need permission.”

The gunman further taunts Pancho Carreon, telling him to stop sending more people or they would meet a similar fate. The gunman claims that they do not tolerate extortion or kidnapping and those who do that are not Zetas.

“Victoria is Zeta territory, without CDG, CDN and other cartels,” the gunman says in the video as he asks the citizens to report on anyone who is carrying out kidnappings and extortions.

Immediately after, the second gunman pulls out a large silver meat cleaver and begins to cut the victim’s throat.

Los Zetas Beheading 3

Los Zetas beheading 4



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