Mexican Drug Cartels Go Medieval At The Arizona Border [Watch]

We out on the fruited plain are told that “walls don’t work” despite a few thousand years of human history demonstrating otherwise.  Every last city and town built in Europe in the Middle Ages sports a high wall where guards walked keeping invaders out.  The only way to breach such a fortification is to go over it…a lesson in times past that the Mexican drug cartels seemed to have learned.


Featured on Fox Business’s Stuart Varney, the gangs south of the border have fashioned a catapult out of tubular steel to follow in the medieval marauders’ footsteps.

It remains unclear how a catapult along the Arizona-Mexico border could send drugs into Florida, but two bundles of marijuana weighing 50 pounds or so were reported to be found near the device.  With this contraption, it could well be that tunneling under the U.S. Border wall and defenses may be just one of several tactics to get around the efforts to stop drugs at the border.  The cartels will be sending drugs over the wall, not just under it.

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