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Mexico Complains..Trump is Taking Away Our Jobs

In what has to be one of the most idiotic complaints in the history of God’s green earth, Mexico is complaining that Trump is stealing jobs from them.  Included in the jobs Trump has stolen are the ones from Carrier and Ford.  Those were jobs they were going to steal from us but that Trump saved for this country.  Just d to our jobs.  Like the illegal Mexicans who come to this country expecting US taxpayers to supply their every need, it now seems that Mexicans feel as if they are entitled to our jobs.




Two weeks before inauguration, the scuttling of the planned Ford factory and Trump’s pressure on General Motors should be a “much-needed wake-up call,” said Mexico analyst Alejandro Hope.

It shows “how much actual leverage Trump has within specific companies, which is far greater than what Mexican elites thought until recently,” Hope said. “They claimed that at the end of the day economic interests would prevail over political messaging. That’s clearly not the case.”

In an editorial, El Universal also recalled the deal Trump struck in December with Carrier to keep 800 of 1,300 jobs at an Indiana furnace factory from being sent to Mexico, in return for millions of dollars in tax incentives. It also implicitly criticized the Mexican government’s response to the incoming administration.

The trade deficit we have with Mexico runs anywhere from 50 billion to 65 billion a year.  That number alone should tell you the deal is lopsided towards Mexico.

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