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Mexico gets more bad news from US

Mexican lawmakers have recently expressed their desire to enforce a plan to cut their imports of corn from the United States in the coming years. The plan outlines a decrease of corn imports from the US in intervals of 60%, 80% and 100% over three years. This decision could result in the Mexican people being forced to overpay for corn from other countries, or go without corn altogether.


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For a country that can barely take care of its own citizens, let alone keep them from being murdered by cartels, Mexico sure likes to talk a lot of trash.

For instance, one prominent Mexican senator recently introduced a bill that would require his country to reduce its imports of U.S. corn by 60 percent in the first year, 80 percent in the second and 100 percent in the last, according to CNN.

Sen. Armando Rios reportedly proposed the bill so as to stick it to U.S. President Donald Trump over his desire to amend the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he has long maintained allows Mexico to take advantage of the United States.

“The position of Donald Trump is a mistaken one and it’s a lying one,” Rios told CNN. “It’s a big lie, so there is a good way to show that this is not true.”

But there’s more than one rather large problem with the senator’s plan. Mexico needs American corn far more than America needs Mexico’s money. For one, the U.S. sells some of the cheapest corn in the world, so Mexico had better be prepared to either start paying more or going without.

“Corn prices are now below the cost of production,” Iowa corn farmer Kurt Hora told Fox Business. “There is just a lot of corn sitting around because we’ve had several good years of corn yields.

Moreover, because of its close proximity to Mexico, the United States has something to offer that no other nation can provide.

“We do rail, truck and ship access for them,” U.S. Grains Council CEO and President Thomas Sleight noted. “Yes, other markets can do this but it will be harder for them logistically.”

Much harder, in fact, to the point that obtaining its corn from somewhere else could wind up costing Mexico a whole lot of money.

Yet despite these facts, Rios was not alone in his pettiness. As noted by The Arizona Republic, a group in Phoenix has begun “to pressure Mexican lawmakers to stop buying corn from the United States in response to Trump administration policies they see as hostile toward Mexico and undocumented immigrants.”

Apparently, this ragtag group of bellyachers is just as annoyed by Trump as Rios, but for an entirely different reason.

Thankfully, America’s many corn farmers are taking it all in stride.

“They are not worried about this. They are very confident in President Trump and his agriculture secretary pick Sonny Perdue,” Chad Etheridge, CEO of Growing America and founder of Farmers for Trump, told FOX Business.

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