• June 13, 2024

Mike Rowe Calls Out Media College Education Does Not Make You Smart

Mike Rowe made a statement, He said, “The press is trying to impact the election when it implies that Donald Trump’s supporters are uneducated”. Now by now we all know the press consider themselves part of the elite, and know what’s best for all of us peasants in the fields. But take note to what I say, and I do not mean all,( but the percent is greater than) most in the military are not college educated and they love their country and serve and sacrifice, are they ignorant? Then we have our college children who seem to become communists and socialists, but cannot make a bed or cook, are they that superior?  So how does the media come to the conclusion? I know, the  liberal point of view is always right.

According to Daily Caller:

“If the media is referring to Trump supporters who happen to be male caucasians suffering from a lack of knowledge brought about by an absence of formal or practical instruction, than I guess ‘uneducated white men’ is a fair description,” Rowe responded in a lengthy Facebook post. “However, if the Trump supporters in question are being dubbed ‘uneducated,’ simply because they didn’t earn a four-year degree, I’d say the media’s slip is showing.”

I am of the conclusion the louder the media gets, the more they say, the more fear they voice is an indication of concern on their part. So don’t let it get you down when you see CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and all the others tell you how ignorant you are, you are not, common sense dictates we need this lying, corrupt, hateful atmosphere to go away, and we are to start new in rebuilding our nation’s prestige in the world, and make it safe for our children’s future here at home. What do you think?

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