• May 31, 2023

Minority Employees Reveal Kellogg’s Racist Roots


Kellogg’s, the same company that sent almost 1 million dollars to domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, apparently doesn’t love honest, hardworking minorities.  According to employees at the Franklin, Mass distribution plants, they are subjected to racism in the form of the “N” word and pictures of baboons and threats to anyone who reports their racism.  The headquarters is well aware of the problem but they have done next to nothing to remedy the situation.

According to complaints made by up to a dozen employees, “their workplace is riddled with bullying, racial slurs and unfair work practices,” Rhode Island NBC Affiliate Channel 10 reported.

One employee, Sylvester Cyler, an African American employee of ten years, told reporters that he has been called the N-word and a “monkey,” and despite filing complaints starting in 2013, nothing has been done to stop the harassment.

Cyler charges in a complaint filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) that one manager “got in his face” and called him a monkey while threatening to fire him if he complained of the harassment.


“Nothing was resolved because of the grievance and Arthur continued to badger me,” Cyler said in his complaint. “He threatened to fire me. He got in my face, pointing his finger in my face and called me a monkey.”

But Cyler isn’t alone. Another employee, an immigrant from Angola named Rui DaCosta, also filed complaints claiming that he, too, has faced a constant barrage of racial and sexual harassment.

Among the incidents DaCota alleges, in 2008, his manager, Arthur Cacici, “showed me a picture of a baboon with a blue face and orange butt. He then said to me, ‘Hey Rui, is that you taking it up the a**?’”

DaCosta also charged that one day he was confronted with a picture of a person with a half white and half black face and big lips. On the paper was scrawled “hello my name is Rui 1/2.”

“I find this picture embarrassing and humiliating,” DaCosta wrote in his complaint filed with MCAD. The Rhode Island NBC Affiliate reports that DaCosta settled with Kellogg’s and is no longer working for the company.

Other employees also reported harassment going back years, and at one point, documents indicate that the Kellogg corporate offices became involved when a representative of the company’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion was sent to give a course on discrimination to the employees and management of the distribution center.

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