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Mom Bakes Cookies For Son’s First Birthday: Quickly Finds Out That Was a Mistake

If at first you don’t succeed, hide the damn cookies.  That’s the advice one mom hopefully took after she baked cookies for her son’s first birthday.  She decided it would be cute if she baked all the cookies in the image of 1, in honor of her son’s first.  Unfortunately, cookies don’t always come out like you planned especially if you don’t refrigerate the dough and put the cookie cutters in the freezer.  If you don’t, well the cookies look a little out of shape.

Depending on what she was going for, they might have turned out just great. Who knows what kind of kinky things she’s into, you know?
But regardless, she was now the proud owner of 100 slightly phallic cookies for her child’s birthday party.

The picture immediately went viral on Reddit because who doesn’t love weenie cookies, and they offered up helpful solutions.

And then someone who totally didn’t see the issue and instead decided to offer up actual baking tips.

A few of those ones look a little flaccid.


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