• December 6, 2023

Mom Blows The Lid Off Son’s Homework Assignment About Islam

If your son or daughter came home and you found this assignment about Islam to be completed, what would you do?  Will it be fine? Would you have concern? Or would you blow a gasket ? If it is the latter, I’ll ask another question, why would you want to vote for Hillary Clinton? Because if she is elected, this kind of teaching will be full speed ahead.

According to YoungConservatives:

Tara Cali opened her son’s history textbook to help him with his homework, and she noticed the lesson was all about Islam. The accompanying worksheet asked students to learn and list things such as the “Pillars of Islam” and “Islamic Beliefs and Practices.”The assignment went as far as having an interactive code the students could scan with their cell phone to hear an actual Muslim call to prayer.

I wonder how much more it is going to take before the american people see what is happening in this country, and so quickly I might add. Islam is considered a religion, and now it is being taught in our public schools. A mindset of hate, rape, torture and conquest. Yet christianity, which our nation was founded on, a religion of love, turn the other check and compassion is shunned, even persecuted. So Americans are now flocking to home schoolling , rather than subject their children to the teachings of  Islam, sex education, transgender integration in their child’s formative years. But that will not end it, this government will continue to push until Americans get up on their hind legs and scream,”enough”! What do you think?


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