Mom Delivers Healthy Baby, Then Notices 2 Strange Holes in His Head [VIDEO]

In 2015, it was reported that a newborn baby boy in Chimbote, Peru was born healthy — but looked much different than other babies for one unbelievable reason. Angelito was born with a bizarre condition, an extremely rare genetic deformity called Patau Syndrome and it occurs in every 10 million to 15 million births. The little boy was born with tubes where his nose should have been.


Paediatrician Jose Castillo looked after Angelito since his birth. He was surprised to discover that Angelito, a.k.a “The Baby With Two Noses” was otherwise healthy. Despite his appearance, he had no breathing issues and a healthy heart and respiratory system.

Angelito was transferred to a hospital for operation on his tube-like double nose. After plastic surgery, doctors said the little boy would look completely normal. According to media outlets, the mayor presented his young parents with baby clothes, milk and money to cover their stay in the capital while Baby Angelito received treatment.

Take a look at their story below.


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