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Mom Takes Pic of Dad and Sick Child In Shower and Internet Trolls Go Nuts [PHOTOS]

The internet can be a funny, strange, entertaining place, but let’s be clear – it’s not always the most receptive to anything it can misconstrue as controversy.


People online seem to have a talent for reaching across the distance to judge and attack people with the courage to post something outside the mainstream, and that’s what happened to one mother when she tried to document a moment in the life of her sick son.

Heather Whitten is a wife, mother, and photographer. She recently took a photo of her husband and her son in the shower together and posted it online. The backlash has been astronomical, and unfortunately, many are simply judging Heather and her family without first understanding the context of the photo.

It turns out that the little boy being held by his father was terribly sick. The parents didn’t know it yet, but he was suffering from salmonella poisoning. The parents, being worrywarts in the past, had gone to the emergency room a few times for what turned out to be nothing, so this time they assumed their boy was just sick and needed time to beat the fever.

As the boy’s fever worsened, he began to vomit and suffered from diarrhea as well. So instead of having him suffer alone in embarrassment, Dad stripped them both down and sat down in the shower together.

Any mess was instantly washed away from both of them, and as this amazing father patiently held his boy, mom knew she wanted a memory of this moment. A scary moment, yes, but one filled with true love. When she shared the story online, she had no idea what she was going to see the next morning.

People were angry, disgusted, outraged. All they could focus on was the nudity and not the amazing moment shared between a father and son.

Please check out some more pictures from this ‘disgusting’ family, and see just what kind of ‘abusive’ environment these children are forced to grow up in!

Mom is also a photographer, and she’s pretty good at it. Being a photographer she tends to document her life with photos just a bit more than your average person.

With so many moments to capture on film, this woman probably always has at least one camera nearby just in case she’ll need to use it.  That’s what makes a great photographer!

From silly moments where her precious children are playing together…

…To those beautiful memories that will surely be cherished when everyone is older.  This woman knows what she’s doing, feels comfortable sharing her life online, but most importantly she’s not hurting her children.

‘My family may be different than yours. But, that doesn’t make your way right or my way wrong. You may never take images of your family like I do… you may never share images of your family like I do. But, that doesn’t give you the right to silence my voice. To take away my right to share our experiences in an uncensored way. ‘

The outrage created by this beautiful picture goes to show that those people didn’t even read the story behind it.

Some people said he should have worn a bathing suit, but something tells us that for two young parents who are very worried about the well-being of their precious child, they probably weren’t very concerned at the idea of offending anyone with something as innocent and nonsexual as this!

For example, what if your child was vomiting? Wouldn’t the best way to sit with your kid who is throwing up to be in the shower, holding him/her, comforting the kid while the water immediately washes away the bad stuff? So, why would you judge someone else doing it? Because your outrage meter didn’t care enough to learn the full story first.

They eventually had to take their son to the hospital as he didn’t feel better in time, but that happens to lots of children. Once he was healed they went back to being the same family, full of love and devotion to each other.

So, before you go on your little social justice warrior attacks, get some perspective and read the story behind what got your panties tied up in a bunch.  Political correctness is out of control.  SJW’s are out to destroy people, even when they’re ignorant of why.

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