• June 13, 2024

Monica Lewinsky Survived The Clintons To Tell Her Story

What happened to Monica Lewinsky is all Monica Lewinsky’s fault. At the age of 22, a person knows what they are doing and  playing patty cake with a predator by the name of Bill Clinton in the oval office was playing with fire, but she did anyway. Now, all these years later, Ms. Lewinsky is speaking to groups about the damage incurred to her once the affair became public. What Bill and Hillary did to Ms. Lewinsky’s reputation to save their collective careers and spinning a story to save Bill from further disgrace is another story.

According to 100 Percent fed up:


The Clinton machine made sure Monica Lewinsky didn’t receive any compassion from the press. She was made into a public joke and humiliated by a rabid press who was looking for someone other than the Clinton’s to blame…The Clinton’s never gave a damn about this young girl…they only cared how about how they could spin it with the media, so as not to affect Hillary’s Presidential ambitions…


I’m not sorry for Ms. Lewinsky, but I am happy that she is finding her way and speaking to groups, especially young women. Lewinsky’s message to young women is simple, we are all worth something, and to have the power to speak up for yourself. Also, to point out the lack of quality as human beings the Clinton’s possess is something all need to see. How do women support this family on the back of what Bill has done with numerous ladies is beyond me? I guess out of sight out of mind is all that matters. What are your thoughts?








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