• June 19, 2024

Italian Politician: Mosques Are Terror Factories That Need To Be Eliminated

An Egyptian-born Italian member of the European Parliament has declared mosques are terror factories and should be eliminated.

Magdi Allam, a convert from Islam to Christianity, said the idea of moderate Islam is a complete myth, Express reports.

“If the Muslim governments warn that mosques are ‘dens of terrorism’, we can not behave more Islamic than the Islamists, granting blindly the mosques to the Islamic militants,” Allam said, pointing to the example of Tunisia shutting down 80 mosques following a devastating Islamic State attack in Sousse, which left 45 tourists dead.

For Allam, deporting terrorists isn’t an adequate solution to the problem of Islamic terror, because mosques will just produce replacements. Moreover, sponsoring mosques for the purpose of using moderate Islam to crowd out radical Islam is delusional, because, “there is only one Islam because there is only one Koran and one Muhammad.”

Allam delivered his remarks in the context of protesting the mosque in Pisa. He didn’t just protest the construction of the mosque in Pisa, he extended his argument to all mosques in Italy.

“Only a stubborn blind man doesn’t see that Islamic terrorists are entering undisturbed and are grateful to Italy for as long as we let them move at will,” Allam said. “Saying no to the mosque in Pisa and to all mosques in Italy is our contribution to winning the war in the name of Islam.”

The Italian coastguard recently upped its security level to two out of a scale of three, which means further surveillance at ports of entry into the country. Part of the reason for the security level increase is the potential for Islamic State fighters fleeing Libya to try and blend in with other migrants on boats headed towards Italy. ISIS has recently lost the battle over Sirte, a major port city, and is losing major influence in Libya. Fighters may attempt for a last-ditch effort at launching terror in Europe, if they can manage to reach Italy’s shores.

Article source - Daily Caller
Article source – Daily Caller


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