• May 18, 2022

Most People Can’t Guess What This Common Tool is Used for – Will You be the First?

The internet has opened the door to information on a monumental scale. Since its inception people have used the web for many purposes, but one of the most entertaining things about the internet is all of the quirky and bizarre questions you may have are sure to be answered in detail. Have a question about an old tool you found in that old barnyard? Snap a picture and post it on the web. In about 5 minutes you can expect to find all sorts of amazing and informative information on the subject matter.

On a site known a “Do You Remember,” an image is posted of something that appears to be an old tool. But, can you guess what it is?

Some may think it’s an old garden tool, meant to dig up dirt or old flowers. Others may think it’s designed to pull apart a clam shell. It certainly looks similar to some type of a shovel. But is it dangerous with that threatening sharp triangular edge?

Can you guess what this item is?

The truth behind this mysterious image is that it’s a vintage oil can opener spout. I bet the tin man from The Wizard of Oz would find this little handy as he begged his friends to squirt that much needed oil on his limbs.

These old school opener spouts were created to open tins of turbine engine oil and they are made with a sheet metal spout. The tip of the spout had a point end that was made to pierce the top of the tin, which then gave you access to the oil.

If you look really closely, the shape of the tool is somewhat similar to those tools that are used to crack open those cans of juice. They opening results in a puncture that is in the shape of a triangle.

This particular oil spout opener dates back to the 1980s, so while it’s vintage, it’s surprisingly not terribly old. Sometimes you just need answers to these burning questions.


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