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Mother Abandons 11-Year-Old Son On Roadway In Sub-Freezing Temperatures [VIDEO]

A New Bedford mother has been arrested for allegedly abandoning her 11-year-old son on the side of the road in sub-freezing temperatures Friday night.  There is no excuse in the world that allows a parent to get away with this.


Marina Johnson is charged with child endangerment after the boy says she made him get out of the car and then sped off.

He says his mother was very mad at him because she said he always “acts up.”

The boy showed up on a man’s doorstep in Mattapoisett asking for a ride to New Bedford. That man called police.

The boy says he, his mom and younger brother were living in a shelter after their house burned down.

The boy then told police he and his mother had a disagreement, and when she left him behind, he tried to chase after the car, but it was going to fast.

When police went to the shelter, they say Johnson and her 8-year-old son ran out a back door. They were later found hiding in knee deep water and mud in a marsh.

Police say the car Johnson was driving was reported stolen from a Dollar Store.

Johnson is being held on $25,000 bail. Her two children have been placed in foster care.  Mother of the Year this is not.


H/T Boston CBS

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