Mother Arrested For The Birthday Present She Gave To Her 18-Year-Old Daughter

A 37-year-old mother was caught with almost $1,000.00 worth of cocaine as present to her daughter’s 18th birthday.


Nicola Austen wanted to make sure that her daughter would have a good time on her birthday, so she booked a limousine and bought nearly six grams of cocaine.

According to the police investigation, Austen admitted that she was planning to take the cocaine with her daughter on a night of wild celebration in London.

But Austen was arrested after the drugs were found hidden at her three-bedroom home in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. The drugs were detected after a raid on her home. A police dog sniffing around uncovered the 5.65 grams of cocaine. No word on why police were called to the house to begin with or why a search was conducted. Austen admitted to possessing the cocaine with intent to supply.

Despite admitting possessing cocaine with intent to supply, Austen avoided jail and was instead given a nine-month suspended sentence and ordered to complete 250 hours of community service.

Austen’s defense, Danny Moore, had argued there would be an adverse effect on her 14-year-old son and elderly grandmother, whom she cares for. The judge must have agreed, because although Austen showed up at court with a bag packed, expecting to be locked away, there was no need for it.

Defense attorney Danny Moore said, Austen who has six previous convictions, one for possessing amphetamines in 2010 is ashamed to be in court again.

He said: “It is to her great shame she finds herself in court — she appeared to have left this sort of thing behind.”

One of the reporters caught up with Austen at her home after court. She said, “It’s all been blown out of proportion. I’ve had enough. It isn’t exactly the scoop of the century, is it? It was a party.”

Neighbors said the home Austen shares with her husband had been raided ‘several times’ in the past.


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