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Mother Calls Police After She Saw What Babysitter From Hell Did to Her Baby

A mother dropped her baby off at the babysitter’s house.  She came back later and picked her up.  The next morning the little girl had huge blisters on her feet. She asked the babysitter what happened and was told nothing had happened.   The mother wasted no time and called the police.  The baby’s feet were badly burned with huge blisters.  The police took  Ismelda Ramos Mendoza into custody and questioned her.  At first she denied that she had done anything but later admitted that the baby wouldn’t quit crying, so she placed the baby’s feet onto the pan she was frying tortillas on.


 A day later, the mother said small blisters formed on the feet of the young girl, and she later took Ana Flores to a doctor, who immediately called 911 to take the girl to the hospital due to severe burns on the bottom of her feet, according to court documents.
The girl was admitted to the hospital for second-degree burns to the bottom of both feet.
Investigators with the Bladensburg Police Department interviewed Mendoza, who initially said Ana Flores’ feet bumped into a tortilla that had been removed from a hot pan. After further discussion with the investigator, Mendoza said she “became frustrated with (Ana Flores) crying too much, became so upset she placed (Ana Flores) feet on the pan she was cooking the tortilla on, causing the burns,” according to the court documents.
Ana Flores was transported to the Children’s National Medical Center for treatment of the burns. She was hospitalized for a few days. Doctors had to manually peel the burned skin from her feet and she is being monitored for infection.

She should be sentenced to five years locked in a cell with Sally Kohn and Rachel Madcow.

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