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Mother Comes Up With Shocking Punishment For Her Teen Son That Actually Worked

We all remember our teen years like they were yesterday. In the moment, you almost never thought anything through. Years later, we wish we had another try to get things right a second time around. One mother was determined to make sure her 16 year old son didn’t have that issue. See her son Nick got into trouble at school. The mom, named Donna, had a clever idea to teach her son a lesson. She knew he didn’t like school much, so she didn’t push that on him. But she was determined to make sure he was still going to be productive on the days he wasn’t in school. So Donna took to Facebook. She advertised her son’s time for work of any kind – for free. She wanted to teach him a lesson to work hard, build his reference list up some for jobs in the future and maybe even find something he didn’t mind doing in the process.


He began working at a café shortly the next day. He put in some tremendous work and was able to use that job as a stepping stone to a more favorable one for him while he’s still in high school. One local woman credits Nick with saving her life after she fell.

So bravo Nick! School isn’t for everyone, and that’s alright. School doesn’t determine a person’s self worth in any way. What really matters is the type of person you are. Thanks to his mother Donna, he’s on the right tract.

What do you think? Was the mother right in her level of punishment considering the circumstances?

H/T Mom’s Teen Son Banned From School for Bad Behavior. Now, Parents APPLAUDING Mom’s Clever Punishment

Most people can attest to serving a detention or two in school. Looking back, the detention itself was the least of your worries.

The hardest part about getting into trouble at school was telling your parents you, in fact, got into trouble at school. Donna Cooper has said before that her son Nick was “not one for school” but that didn’t excuse his conduct.

When Nick was put on a “restricted timetable” to limit the days per week he could attend school, Donna knew she needed to take a stand. So what did she do?

Well, she took to Facebook explaining that her 16-year-old son Nick was polite and good-hearted and that he was available to work for anyone, for free. These were her words, not his.

Donna’s post sparked the interest of a nearby cafe owner and she was soon contacted by them. The owner told Donna that Nick could start immediately and that was good enough for her.

“I walked in from work and told him he had a shift at a café the next day,” Donna recalls. “I was so angry with him I knew I had to find him something to do.”

Nick wasn’t happy with the arrangement, but it turns out he really got along with the owner. He procured some shifts at the beach cafe and was even offered a trial apprenticeship at a joinery firm.

Donna proudly boasted about Nick’s efforts, saying, “He managed to organise an interview for himself while we were at work, and now he has a trial doing a job he has always wanted to do.”

“Some kids expect jobs to fall on their laps. Nick complained about the café work at first but he went on to do a brilliant job. He now has a great reference to be able to find other work,” Donna explains.

This wasn’t the only good thing to come out of this mom’s Facebook post. Someone else wrote that Nick not only “helped” them but saved their life!

“This young lad picked me up and took me home,” a woman said. “I had had a horrific fall and if it hadn’t been for Nick I probably would have died so thank you. A lovely young man.”

With a recommendation like that, it’s clear that Nick will have his pick of jobs to fill his time. He may also decide that he isn’t ready for the world of work, and change his ways so that he can return to daily school.

In the end, Donna was able to teach Nick the importance of actions and consequences and he will be a better man because of it. In the words of one complimentary Facebook user who applauded the way Donna handled the situation, “Hats off to you.”

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