Mother Murdered Baby And Lived With Her Corpse For Months [VIDEO]

A New York mother was charged with murder after allegedly killing her newborn infant and lived with the dead baby girl’s body for three months.


Christina Colantonio of Batavia, 28, has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of her new born baby, Genesee County District Attorney Lawrence Friedman said.


A police investigation as launched after an acquaintance of Colantonio visited her at her apartment in Batavia, about 5 miles from Buffalo. Her acquaintance saw the body and immediately called 911. Batavia Police Det. Sgt. Todd Crossett said at a news conference Saturday evening.

Investigators believe Colantonio killed the girl “shortly after birth,” about three months ago, Crossett said. Authorities would not disclosed how the baby died but investigators told NY Daily News that they  “have enough evidence to come to a conclusion it was intentionally caused.” A medical examiner will determine the infant’s official cause of death. Friedman said the investigation was still ongoing.

Police said Colantonio, who has two other children, but the other siblings were not at home when they search it. She was arraigned Saturday on a second-degree murder charge at Batavia City Court and ordered held without bail.

Crossett said the officers who discovered the baby girl’s body were being offered counseling.

“It’s not something you see on a regular basis,” he said. “They are the most vulnerable part of the population.”

Police wouldn’t disclose whether the woman had tried to conceal her pregnancy. According to Colantonio’s neighbors they never noticed a smell coming from the woman’s apartment or anything unusual there.

Though Colantonio has been arrested, a medical examiner will determine an official cause of death. Genesee County District Attorney Lawrence Friedman disclosed that the investigation is still ongoing.


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