• December 11, 2023

Mother Of Murdered Black Man Asks Black Lives Matter One Mind Blowing Question…

At a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) news conference, the mother of a black man, who was shot in the head and killed, addressed the crowd about her son’s murder. However, the mood soon changed when she turned her attention to the Black Lives Matter protesters, asking them one mind-blowing question.

Gerrik Thomas, 21, was studying to become a nurse when he was gunned down in cold blood on January 25 in Los Angeles. The murderer has never been brought to justice and most have never even heard the victim’s name. However, if Gerrik’s black life was taken from him far too soon, why aren’t the Black Lives Matter activists rioting, looting, and demanding an eye-for-an-eye? His mother knows why, and she’s calling out the hypocrisy.

While addressing a crowd during an LAPD news conference on Tuesday, Demicha Lofton-Thomas asked a question that completely obliterates the BLM movement’s claim that black lives really do matter to them.

“I don’t preach ‘Black Lives Matter’ because, to me, black lives only matter to people when the law enforcement is involved,” she chastised. “It’s not just about law enforcement. All lives matter. It’s a black man that killed my kid. So, how can people preach ‘Black Lives Matter?’ I don’t believe in that. All lives matter.

She ends her heart-breaking speech by adding, “I need justice for my kid,” something she has received no help to achieve from the BLM, Obama administration, or any other leftist advocates. In fact, the only help she’s received has been from the LAPD, who are still working to catch her son’s murderer.

Still, Demicha isn’t only questioning the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter protesters. The mourning mother, who celebrated her late son’s birthday last week, has openly called out President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and any other who only seems to denounce violence against blacks when it involves whites or police officers.

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