Mother Purposely Injects Feces Into Her Sick Sons IV [VIDEO]

A Virginia mother was arrested after deliberately contaminating her nine-year-old son’s intravenous drip with fecal matter.


Candida Fluty, 35, of Kermit, West Virginia, was caught on camera taking her sick nine-year-old son’s colostomy bag and removing feces from it and then using a syringe to inject it into his IV.  The incident took place inside a Cincinnati, OH hospital.


Candida Fluty, 35, pleaded guilty to child endangering in a Cincinnati courtroom Wednesday and received her sentence.

The 9-year-old child was born with Hirschsprung’s disease, which affects the bowels, and was being treated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio. The illness caused him to have undergone numerous surgeries and use a colostomy bag, authorities said.

This caused his fever to spike and her actions could have killed the child, Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor Anne Flanagan said. ‘Without the assistance of Children’s Hospital it could have been much, much worse,’ She added.

Prosecutors have indicated Fluty might have carried out the crime because she was seeking attention. The case is similar to the recent Lacey Spears one out of New York, in which Spears was convicted of killing her little boy, Garnett Spears, with high levels of salt poisoning.

It’s very possible that both women suffer from a condition called Munchausen syndrome by proxy, which most often manifests as parents causing harm or illness to their children to garner sympathy. Although this is what prosecutors specifically suspected in Spears’ case, it was not allowed to be mentioned in the courtroom during her trial.

The psychological disorder is marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care.

An indicator of her mental illness was apparently the fact that she openly wrote about her son’s condition on Facebook.

It’s thought Fluty performed the alleged IV-injecting stunt on previous occasions as well. But she was arrested on January 17 and later released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond.

Fluty had earlier pleaded not guilty to felonious assault and child endangering charges but later changed her plea. She is allowed to return home before she begins serving her six-year sentence, but must return to court by July 8.

Fluty has four children aged from nine to 17-years-old who are all in her sister’s custody. She has been ordered not to contact them.



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