MSM IGNORES Ilhan Omar ADMITTING The RIOTS are a REVOLT to OVERTHROW America and the West

The mayor of Rochester admits what we all know is true, what Bill Barr said was true in Kenosha and what police arrest reports have proven true in dozens of riots: this is an organized revolution.


“There is credible information that outside agitators want to destroy the [Public Safety Building]” said Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren at a press conference on Sunday. And she is right, they are coming. Just like they did in Kenosha and have been doing in Portland and Seattle for years. It’s the same people who showed up at every G6/G7/G8 meeting, who march in protest at every political convention, Republican or Democrat.

It’s the agitators who have coopted BLM and who comprise ANTIFA and who are here for the purpose of destroying America. A thing they expressly state as their goal, that they write on signs and chant in the street.

And “Representative” Ilhan Omar, like all of the “squad” members (and most Democrats under the age of 40) is right there with them.

Uprising. She says the word. And she means it. “We need to fundamentally change” she says. She adds more words after that, but the signal right there is clear as bell.

This rioting? It’s what the Democrats want. Not simply for the tiny short term goal of beating Trump. But for the goal the left has been working relentlessly toward since the 1960s. The abolishing of Western Culture and capitalism in favor of communism, socialism, or something even worse.


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