• June 17, 2024

MSNBC and CNN Doctor Image of Biden Calling Kamala Harris with a Cheat Sheet Script & That’s Not All!

Wow! What is more pathetic?…

The fact that Joe Biden needs a cheat sheet script to ask Kamala Harris to be his running mate?… Or, the fact that MSNBC doctored the image!

Joe Biden called Kamala Harris to ask her to be his running mate, in a staged, made for media, moment.

Biden had a cheat sheet on his desk so he wouldn’t forget where he was.

But as Jack Posobiec pointed out — MSNBC doctored the image to remove Biden’s cheat sheet!

MSNBC hid the cheat sheet from the American public.


UPDATE– Take another look and you’ll see that Joe Biden was holding his phone upside down.


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