MSNBC Reporter Busted Shaming Folks for not Wearing Masks, Then He Is Exposed In A BIG Way

An MSNBC reporter, Cal Perry, was just busted for being a hypocrite when it comes to wearing masks in public.


The reporter was doing a segment for host Katy Tur and was pointing out and shaming all of people not wearing a face mask. The reporter then made a BIG mistake.

He pointed out a man without a mask, who in turn busted him for his hypocrisy as Perry’s own cameraman was NOT wearing a face mask.

Katy Tur, in studio, asked Perry about why people were not wearing masks in public “So, are the people there just not worried about it, Cal? Are they not worried about their own personal safety?”

The reporter replied “I haven’t met anybody who is. I met some folks, actually, from Lake Geneva, who live in the area, they were staying a few miles outside of town where I were, and they said they’re worried it, they’re worried about that second spike, they’re worried about folks coming in from Chicago.”

“But they’ll quickly add, at the same time, this is place that relies on that business. I think people here want a little bit more funding when it comes to these programs so that they could stay closed,” Perry added.

“But again, I think people felt like the Supreme Court made the decision here in Wisconsin that it was time to open up. But you can see, here, just around, nobody’s wearing them, nobody is — “

That’s when our hero busted Perry for his rank hypocrisy saying “Including the cameraman.”

Perry was forced to admit the obvious and quickly deflected “There you go, including the cameraman. Katy?”

And that was the end of the segment. It’s always awesome to see hack media types get called out for their own hypocrisy and virtue sgnaling.

The Daily Caller got the bystanders footage showing what it looked like from his perspective:


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