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Multiple FBI/US Attorney Investigations of Clinton Foundation


A former high ranking investigator law enforcement official has said that there are multiple investigations into political corruption.  This time it does not go to Lynch first.  The investigation is centered in the Southern New York district, where Preet Bharara, is noted for his prosecution of money fraud with a merciless determination.  For good measure he has added US Attorneys from other districts to aid in the investigation.  This makes it interesting since Loretta Lynch would have to overrule one of the most successful US Attorney in New York since Rudy Giuliani.

If Bharara and a couple of other USA s recommend prosecution, it would be hard for Lynch to bury an indictment.  That’s not to say she couldn’t or wouldn’t but it would come with a high political cost.  Hillary and the Foundation are not the only target of the investigation.  Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is in the bulls eye also.  Although they will examine all financial transactions, they will be focusing on all transactions of Chinese businessman and former delegate to China’s legislative,  Wang Wenliang.

Wenliang contributed between 1 million and 5 million to the Clinton Foundation, $120,000 to the McAuliffe campaign for governor and an unknown amount to the Clinton campaign.  The investigation started after a bank reported suspicious activity.

From The Free Beacon:

Among the donations being examined are $120,000 in contributions to the campaign and McAuliffe’s inaugural committee from West Legend Corp., an affiliate of a Chinese company owned by billionaire Wang Wenliang, a former delegate to China’s legislative body, the National People’s Congress.

“We admire and applaud Governor McAuliffe for his leadership in promoting trade, economic growth, and job creation,” West Legend said in a statement at the time.

McAuliffe came under scrutiny during his gubernatorial run after it was revealed that Clinton’s brother Anthony Rodham had used an investment firm he ran to funnel money from a controversial U.S. visa program into McAuliffe’s electric car company.

Then-Secretary of State Clinton ran the agency charged with overseeing the visa program, which benefited investors in U.S. companies.

The Clinton Foundation has faced scrutiny of its own for accepting large checks from foreign governments, individuals, and corporations with business before the U.S. government. The foundation is not being investigated as part of the McAuliffe probe, CNN reported.

Rilin owns a large port near the Chinese border with North Korea. The division of Wenliang’s business empire handling that project retains a roster of high-powered Washington lobbyists with the firm McGuireWoods.

Disclosure forms show that the Dandong Port Co. has paid McGuireWoods more than $1.4 million since 2012 to lobby Congress and the State Department.

The investigation centers on McAuliffe.


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