• May 17, 2022

Islamic Teacher Arrested For Raping 10 Children, Utters Chilling Words In Defense

Each time a Muslim man commits a heinous sex crime, apologists immediately run to Islam’s defense, claiming that the consistent behavior has absolutely nothing to do with their religion. They intentionally ignore the scriptures that their own prophet gave to justify his own sexual perversity, whether it was in defense of his marriage to 11 women at once, taking sex slaves, or raping a 9-year-old child.

According to MadWorldnews:

Aman is a Muslim cleric who taught the interpretation and memorization of the Quran to students, just as he was taught when he was a boy. He knows the heinous crimes his prophet committed in the name of Allah, especially how he used the Quran’s scriptures to justify the inhumane ways he satisfied his insatiable lust for women and children.

In the United States, masked by our own laws, we have those of this “sect” working in places where our children are at their mercy. From Government down, they now have some control. Can you imagine having a muslim as devout as this teaching classes? Or how about as bus drivers? This list is endless. Be careful what you ask for in your compassion for others, with stories like this, it just might come true.What do you think?

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