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Muslim Woman Fired For Breaking Dress Code DEMANDS Her Job Back–Boss Has THIS 6 Word Reply

A Muslim woman was recently fired from her position for not being compliant with the companies dress code. The woman thought she could bully her way back into the job by crying “Islamophobia” but the company doubled-down on their stance.


Much like America, Canada’s Muslim population makes up a mere fraction of the total population yet they think they can bully whoever they want into getting their way. For the most part that is true and many do end up having their way. Unfortunately for a few Muslims, there are still who have common sense and are willing to fight for what is right.

According to CBC News, Amino Rashid, 24, and two former colleagues who are also Muslim say they were dismissed after reporting two separate incidents, just days apart.

Rashid said two men berated her for wearing a hijab and told her to take off her “hoodie.” One of those workers allegedly told her that “there are people who feel uncomfortable” about her hijab.

“He shouted from the other side of the room ‘Hey you,’” said Rashid. “My hijab he referred to it as a hoodie. He said that if he doesn’t get to wear a hoodie then I’m not allowed to wear it either. And I told him it’s not a hoodie, it’s a religious head scarf.”

She said when she was hired, supervisors voluntarily told her neither Newcart nor Husky had an issue with her hijab. On Tuesday, Rashid and her former co-workers filed complaints with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. They’ve also complained to Husky.

After the initial shock wore off, Rashid returned to the office and demanded that the company reconsider their position on the matter. The manager then told Rashid that she would consider her for rehire but “because of how you’re acting now, she forfeited her consideration for reimplementation”, according to Radio-Canada.

“This conversation’s over. You were eligible for re-employment for the next shutdown but because of how you’re acting now, you’re not,” the manager said, according to Rashid.

Rashid and her 2 colleagues actions were typical. Like many other Muslim who feel we must comply with their demands for Sharia compliance, they filed complaints with the Alberta Human Rights Commission claiming they are being discriminated against. Rashid also took her story to the media playing the victim card accusing the company of being “Islamaphobic”. This is very similar to liberals tactics of crying racism when they have no other options left.

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“I was shocked because usually in a situation like that you fire the person who was the one who was being the bully,” said Rashid. “You don’t fire the victim. You don’t fire the person who was trying to stand up for themselves. Losing this job derailed my life and possibly my future.”

The company is facing major backlash by the media who is siding with the Muslim accusers for obvious reasons. The company recently came out with a statement defending the manager’s actions while adding that they have no problem accommodating religious requirements as long as they’re reasonable and do not endanger anyone.

“Newcart is proud to offer a safe, inclusive employment experience for all our employees regardless of race, gender, creed or culture,” the statement reads in part. “Newcart accommodates the religious requirements of our employees whenever possible and practical for the workplace and health and safety requirements of the work site, the workplace policies of [Husky] and most importantly the provincial and federal health and safety statutes and regulations.”

There are incredibly still many people that don’t understand Sharia Law or what it means. Under Sharia Law, women must do whatever men tell them to do and have no choice in the matter. These people are fighting for a cause that would leave most under oppressive rules. They do not understand the implications of their actions and unless we continue to spread the truth, more will fall in line with this evil thinking. Sharia Law must never be accepted in our country.

H/T CBC News

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