• May 24, 2024

Muslims want “Islamic Terrorists” Erased From Trade Center Shrine

9/11 is the 15th anniversary of the World Trade Center attack. And as only as arrogance can manifest in a sect of people, we are now being requested to not mention the hijackers were muslim. Yes, an Islamic organization is using the “we are offended” card. Can you imagine the Germans, Italians and Japanese trying this?

According to Personelliberty:

The Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier would like for one thing to be forgotten: that the hijackers were Muslims.In a letter to the town’s leaders, the organization said that the mention of Islamic terrorism on the tragic day is a “broad brush against the many Muslims who live in the Southern Tier” which could heighten anti-Muslim sentiment in the area.According to reports, the group wants the monument changed to say simply “terrorists” or “al Qaida terrorists.”

Are you as angry as I when hearing how non-americans attempt to use our own laws against us? What a forgiving people we Americans  are, we have helped all people, all countries. We have been in conflict with many nations, even rebuilt nations. But the Muslim is a different breed, they are taught hate from an early age, and that is not a good quality. They want one thing and one thing only, Sharia. They will try but America will never accept the narrative. What do you think?

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