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Nasty Dems Threaten Trump For Refusing To Testify At SHAM Impeachment Trial

We all know that the absurd impeachment case against President Donald Trump is about to begin and the left is just giddy with joy over it. In their hatred for Trump, these disgusting leftists cannot wait to continue their assault on him in hopes to destroy him forever.

Even though Trump is out of the office which is what they all wanted in the first place, they just cannot let it go and move on. I mean you would think they would be pleased that Biden is now in the White House but that is not the case when you are dealing with absolute evil.

So, here they are pushing forward to impeach Trump a second time, and the only thought of why they would do this is to prevent him from running again in the future.

At any rate, last week the Democrats “asked” Trump to appear and testify at this joke of a case and he declined. Seriously, anyone with half a brain cell knows that this was a trap so that they could accuse him of committing perjury on the stand. However, them asking for Trump to appear wasn’t out of graciousness but an order from the demonic left, and now they are seeking to punish him for failing to accept the invite.

Democrats reiterated Monday a threat to punish former President Donald Trump for not testifying at the impeachment trial in the Senate, which begins Tuesday. …

The Democrats were responding to Trump’s lawyers’ claim that Democrats’ rushed impeachment, which defied all previous procedural conventions governing impeachment in the House, denied the president the constitutional due process of law.

In a short response to a 75-page filing by Trump’s legal team, the Pelosi-handpicked impeachment team noted: “[T]he House has invited President Trump to voluntarily testify under oath, yet President Trump immediately rejected that opportunity to tell his story. The House will establish at trial that this decision to avoid testifying supports a strong adverse inference regarding President Trump’s actions (and inaction) on January 6.”

Say what? By not testifying, that’s a black mark against the former president?

Democrats don’t care much for the Constitution they swore to uphold but it nevertheless is the country’s governing document and it spells out clearly in the Fifth Amendment that no American is obligated to testify in a manner that might incriminate themselves.

But then, it was all a Mafia deal anyway.

“If you decline this invitation, we reserve any and all rights [sic], including the right [sic] to establish at trial that your refusal to testify supports a strong adverse inference regarding your actions (and inaction) on January 6, 2021,” lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland wrote to Trump’s attorneys last week.

Real constitutional scholars like Jonathan Turley noted that Raskin’s BS demand and claim that refusal amounts to a de facto admission of guilt puts flaming jet fuel to centuries’ worth of American jurisprudence:

[T]he statement of House manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., this week was breathtaking. A former law professor, Raskin declared that the decision of Trump not to testify in the Senate could be cited or used by House managers as an inference of his guilt — a statement that contradicts not just our constitutional principles but centuries of legal writing. …

The statement conflicts with one of the most precious and revered principles in American law that a refusal to testify should not be used against an accused party. …

Central to this right is the added protection that the silence of an accused cannot be used against him in the way suggested by Raskin. There was a time when members of Congress not only respected this rule but fought to amplify it. …

The Supreme Court has been adamant that the type of inference sought by Raskin is abhorrent and abusive in courts of law.

Speaking of unconstitutional actions, the fact that the Senate is even having a trial violates the founding principles involving impeachment. The Constitution directly states that the remedy is removal from office; Trump’s already gone.

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