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NC Snowflake Professor Gives Loony Reason Why NC is No Longer Democratic

There is no more democracy in North Carolina according to a leading snowflake professor.   Andrew Reynolds says that North Carolina is no longer a democracy and you will laugh when you hear why.  He claims that it is not a democracy because republicans are too successful at the ballot box.  He also says that democracy is harmed because a party only has to win 51% of the vote to win all the power.  He wants to base the share of power on the percentage of the vote.  In other words in an election for governor, the winner would get say only 51% of the power and the loser would get 49%.



Well, first off, North Carolina was never set up to be a democracy.  Like the United States, NC is a representative republic.  A true democracy would require a statewide vote on every initiative, including naming roads and bridges.  North Carolinians vote for the people who they want to represent them.

The snowflake also has other complaints.  He is against gerrymandering, although he hasn’t said anything about the leading gerrymanders in America.  Look at NY, Ca, Illinois and Massachusetts.  They not only gerrymander against republicans, they gerrymander against blacks by putting as many as they can in each district to limit the number of black and Hispanic legislators.

He’s also against voter ID laws.  We know why that is.  It preve3nts illegals for voting for democrats.  The idea that the poor can’t get IDs is ridiculous.  If you are poor and want food stamps, HUD, HEAP, Medicaid or any government freebies, you must have an ID, either a driver’s license or a state ID.  Many states allow the use of a Social Security card which most Americans have by age five.

The bottom line is the professor is claiming democracy doesn’t exist in North Carolina because democrats can’t win elections there.

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