Nebraska Supreme Court Rejects Birth father, Gives Girls to Sex Offender


The answer to the question of whether Nebraska Supreme Court Justices smoke crack is yes.  A father petitioned to get custody of his two teenage daughters because his ex-wife had moved in with a convicted sex offender.  The court ruled against the father.  They claimed that except for the one incident, the father couldn’t prove he was a danger.  So, who did he sexually offend?  His 14 year old stepdaughter by a previous marriage.  He fondled her breasts and genitalia and digitally penetrate her.  (Used his fingers)

Now, I ask you.  What could possibly go wrong?  The court pointed out that he volunteered for treatment after he became eligible for parole.  Of course no prisoner ever does that, right?  They also pointed out that he had not been arrested in the past eight years, which could mean that he just didn’t get caught.  We don’t know.  The father was upset after the ruling and asked how his ex could possibly placed their daughters nin the same house as a sexual offender.

This is not the first time she had moved in with a sex offender.  That man was arrested and convicted of molesting her five year old daughter, who is not one of the two in this case.

From The Mail Online:

 After her marriage to the father ended, she first lived with a man who was later convicted of sexually assaulting her five-year-old child, who is not one of the two girls in the custody dispute. 

In 2013, the girls’ father filed a petition for custody.

His case was first rejected in district and appeal courts, and the Supreme Court ultimately sided against him too.  

The decision means the mere presence of a sex offender in the home is not enough to warrant a change in living arrangements for the children. 

The noncustodial parent will have to provide further proof the children are at risk, according to Brandon Brinegar, the attorney who represented the father.


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