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Neighbor’s ‘Unnecessarily Cruel’ Note About Noise Complaint Sparks Outrage Online

(Source) – A TikTok video by SavanahPierce4 has racked up over 630,000 views and numerous comments from people asking her to take revenge on the author of an unnecessarily cruel note.

The note, left by her downstairs neighbor, complained about the noise from her apartment. However, the author filled it with fat shaming insults.


Photo Credit: JP Today News

In the video, she explained that her neighbor had previously accused her of being too loud, and she had apologized and made as little noise as she could. The note was a brutal slap to the face for her.

The note began: “To the ‘heavy’ AKA fat person” and continued: “What really worries me is that one of these days I’m going to see 4 fat (really fat) legs & a**es come through the ceiling. Have you looked in the mirror? Oh wait, don’t do it side by side – only one would fit. You should both be ashamed of yourselves! Oops – I put another note on your door! Complain to management! Is your fat friend on the lease?”

Photo Credit: JP Today News

The note also had the contact information of three companies that specialize in weight loss and healthy living.

The video was captioned: “My neighbor Claire really hates fat people I guess.”

Photo Credit: JP Today News

Some viewers were furious, with one person commenting: “Please name her and her workplace. This behavior warrants hitting her in the place that will hurt her.”

Another one wrote: “TikTok needs to stop making me lose my faith in humanity.”

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