• September 30, 2022

#NeverTrump Members to Take Major Hit to Their Wallets


Trump is in the driver’s seat and establishment consultants are about to be run over.

The smug establishment republican consultant class has made another major error.  Their first error was being so arrogant, that they thought they could persuade millions of American voters to take their advice, the same advice that Bob Dole followed, that John McCain followed and Mitt Romney took.  You would think those idiots would have more sense than to take their own advice.  They are about to pay for it big time.

You see, these people make huge money by giving their advice for elections.  However, since their plan didn’t work and Donald Trump will be the nominee, he will be in a position to insist that the RNC not hire anyone who belonged to #NeverTrump and maybe the same for consultants for other candidates who slandered him during the primaries.

From Breitbart:

As Trump moves to work in closer concert with the Republican National Committee apparatus, some campaign aides and allies are pushing him to block lucrative party contracts from consultants who worked to keep him from winning the nomination, according to four sources familiar with the discussions.

“The Never Trump vendors and supporters shouldn’t be in striking distance of the RNC, any of its committees or anyone working on behalf of Donald Trump,” said a Trump campaign official.

The blacklist talk — which sources say mostly targets operatives who worked for Never Trump groups, but also some who worked for Trump’s GOP presidential rivals or their supportive super PACs — strikes against a Republican consulting class that Trump has assailed as a pillar of a corrupt political establishment. It’s a sweet bit of turnabout for Trump aides and consultants who in recent months were warned that their work for the anti-establishment billionaire real estate showman could diminish their own career prospects.

Revenge is sweet and is best served while it’s still hot.

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