• July 24, 2024

New Black Panther Leader Dumps on Hillary


Babu Omowale, chairman of the New Black Panther Party has dumped on Hillary big time when he was on  Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.  he started with the drug laws put forth by Bill Clinton and advanced by Hillary, that created larger penalties for being caught with crack cocaine as opposed to powder cocaine.  He made the point that rock is more associated with blacks whereas powder is the choice of whites.

“Hillary Clinton is not the great champion of African-Americans.  If you look at your history when her husband was president in the ’90s, there were more African-Americans to be locked up in this country than any other time because of some of the laws that he signed into law. Specifically, the drug laws of cocaine.”

“So if a black man has a couple grams of crack versus a white man having a couple of grams of powder cocaine, black men were receiving sentences three and four times longer than that of (their) white counterparts. So we look at these as unjustifiable laws that were implemented up under the Clinton regime.”

“So no.  Hillary Clinton would not be a representative of the black community.”

By the same token Omowale says that Donald Trump is a non starter with blacks , so that the black community doesn’t have a candidate this year.  But since blacks vote democratic 93% of the time, this will hurt Hillary much more than it will Trump.

“Nor would Donald Trump be a representative of the black community.  As far as black people are concerned, we really do not have a representative in this 2016 election year.”

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